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We are proud to be an importer for the GreenMachine recumbent bicycle by Flevobike Technologies.  Johann Vrielink is the founder of the company and inventor of  the original articulating front-wheel drive Flevobike.   That design has been licensed to other manufacturers to build and can be found on sites like eBay for less than $1,500.

This site, formally known as “PlanetEarthCycles,” focuses exclusively on the GreenMachine bicycle.  This rear-wheel drive two-wheeler is, in our opinion anyway, the Ferrari of recumbents. Each bike is hand-built by the Vrielink family, in their shop still located in Dronten in the Netherlands.

At BentEarth we are passionate about  the GreenMachine.  Please spend some time looking around. Enjoy the high-resolution photos of the bike and how it is built so you can get an idea as to why we think you will love it.

Thanks for your patience as we have just begun to develop the site in earnest.  Please feel free to call +1-718-530-0040 or e-mail me at for specs, photos, test data, etc.

Final note, Flevobike Technologies does not export their highly respected velomobile, called the Orca.  Any additional information that you want for that product can be had at

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